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Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases - The Fun Way to Spread Germs

Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases - The Fun Way to Spread Germs

Instead of infecting people around you with real germs and not having any fun at all, now you can spread them much further and have a few laughs as well when you launch these cool new Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases around an office, school, church or wherever people may gather. These squishy germs come in either a gross, snot-colored common cold or a brown and hairy E. Coli that can flung through the air at unsuspecting victims via a stretchy cord that also activates disgusting sound effects like a cough or sneeze from the common cold germ or severe flatulence from the E. Coli. A common side effect of spreading these types of germs is contagious hilarity and a bit of stress relief.


  • Have fun with infectious diseases in your office
  • Spread the Common Cold or E. Coli without guilt
  • Squishy microbes have a really gross texture
  • Stretchy cord lets you send them flying with disgusting (and appropriate) sound effects
  • Version 1: Common Cold (snot-colored)
  • Version 2: E. Coli (brown and hairy lookin')

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