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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike

LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike

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So you've updated your sitting desk to an adjustable-height desk that allows you to sit or stand, but how much are you actually moving? This cool new Ampera Office Bike from LifeSpan Fitness combines an ergonomic office chair with an exercise bike, so you can pedal away throughout the work day to help keep your body moving, get a cardio workout, and boost your productivity. This innovative desk exercise bike features regenerative pedals that produce up to 65 watts of power per hour for charging a phone on its built-in wireless charging pad (or USB-C port), a smooth, lever-activated pneumatic seat with a 2" seat cushion for all-day comfort, adjustable resistance, Bluetooth connectivity with the LifeSpan app, and an RGB ring light around the pedals... because it looks cool. Now if you combine this with a desk treadmill, you can almost combine your home gym with your home office.

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Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag
When you're on your way to a yoga class, disguise that boring old yoga mat you're carrying on your shoulder inside this cool new Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag.
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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
This miniature version of the classic skee-ball game lets you roll the balls up a ramp and into the point holes just like the real thing, only on a smaller less obnoxious scale.
LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
This stunning desk is handcrafted from maple with a natural live edge and double-take-inducing foamy resin waves washing up on the wooden shore.
LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike
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