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Miniature Ballista Kit - Wooden Desktop Warfare

Miniature Ballista Kit - Wooden Desktop Warfare

Bored at the office? Launch a projectile over the cubicle walls with this cool new Miniature Ballista Kit. The ballista was an ancient artillery weapon that looked similar to a crossbow, but was more like a missile for the Greek and Roman Empires. This less lethal desktop-sized version comes as a fun kit of laser-cut interlocking hardwood parts that you get to assemble before launching a barrage of lightweight little projectiles at stacked coffee cups, the wall, the hideous office fern, or any other distant target you'd like (obviously don't launch it others...) as you try to get through the rest of the day.


  • Designed with interlocking parts, a simple, reliable trigger, high strength cordage and lightweight projectiles
  • Laser cut from select hardwood for easy assembly and reliable performance
  • Three easy-to-follow rules for public demonstration are provided to ensure everyone's safety

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