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Gigantic Deck of Playing Cards

Gigantic Deck of Playing Cards

Gigantic Deck of Playing Cards

If the World's Smallest Playing Cards are too small and regular-sized playing cards are too boring, then this cool new Gigantic Deck of Playing Cards should be just right. These massive playing cards are roughly 7 times bigger than a traditional, boring-sized deck of playing cards and include a full 52 card deck and 2 jokers. The playing cards measure a whopping 14.5" T x 10.5" W and are made from heavy duty 350g paper and coated with lamination on both sides for extra durability. They're perfect for making any type of card game more exciting (and challenging) on game night, building a much larger house of cards, testing the limits of your card shuffling skills, performing magic card tricks on a larger scale, theme decorations, or just giving visually-impaired seniors better visibility. Hmm, playing a game of solitaire or 52 pickup will require a bit more space than usual though.

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