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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort

AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort

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When I was a kid, building an indoor fort required tearing the entire house apart looking for every blanket, bedsheet, clothespin, cushion, pillow, giant cardboard box (if available - much rarer back then), and broom handle I could get my hands on to try and build the ultimate playhouse tent... in the middle of the living room. Thinking back, it was just a monstrous mess and most likely a shocking horror for my parents to walk by and discover. Today, there's a much simpler and tidier indoor fort-building solution... these cool new AirForts.

A standard box fan and a few seconds of time is all that's needed to keep this indoor fort, which looks like a whimsical, giant-sized mushroom house from a magical fairy tale forest, fully inflated. It measures over 6.5' feet in diameter, stands over 4 feet tall, and can accommodate plenty of your kid's friends. It has no floor, so it's easy to get in and out of, has a mesh fan divider for extra safety, a viewing window to see in and out of, and it includes a convenient carrying bag to store it in when not in use. It's simple to set up, simple to take down, and perfect for playing in, tea parties, sleepovers, or just escaping from the noisy world to enjoy a good book. The only other thing that's needed, but not supplied, is a wild imagination. 🍄

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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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AirFort Mushroom House - Whimsical Inflatable Fort
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