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Portable Pop-Up Personal Protective Pod

Portable Pop-Up Personal Protective Pod

Portable Pop-Up Personal Protective Pod

Worried that social distancing and face masks are not doing enough to protect you? Well, you need to continue to do those things and then also slip into something a bit more comfortable, like this cool new Portable Pop-Up Personal Protective Pod. This wearable personal protective pod instantly springs open like a pop-up tent to provide additional protection from germ exposure due to lack of social distancing (airplanes, trains, classrooms, restaurants, offices, sporting events, citywide protests, waiting rooms, and more), people wearing barely effective cheap face masks under their noses, and projectile sneezes and coughs flying through the air from the geniuses who like to pull their masks down first. It's also like a 360 degree safe space bubble for a little extra peace-of-mind during this 2020 pandemic and is also great for protection from the weather during normal times as well. Now if they could just update this to include two-way mirror side panels so that nobody could see you sitting inside it would be ideal.

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  • Pop-up portable protective pod helps you avoid exposure to germs in settings where you may be unable to maintain a social distance
  • Instantly springs open to create a 360 degree protective zone around your head and torso
  • Ideal for use during train or air travel, when attending an in-person class or event, or while waiting in a medical or dental office
  • Clear front and side panels prevent contact with droplets or splashes while letting you stay aware of your surroundings
  • Breathable material helps keep you from overheating
  • Front panel zips open for eating or additional airflow when appropriate
  • Armrest covers have openings for your hands
  • Not intended as a replacement for recommended mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and cleaning exposed surfaces and protective gear
  • Designed to provide added protection
  • Made from durable, lightweight polyester and PVC
  • Folds with a simple twist for storage
  • Included drawstring bag doubles as a tray table cover
  • Size: 40" H x 18" W x 18" D - 2.75 lbs

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