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PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt

PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt

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It's hard to be a slouch when you wear this cool new PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt. When it detects improper posture, it vibrates to alert you to stand up straight and correct yourself. It features built-in filaments that conform to your body's contours when your spine is aligned properly and when you slouch an electronic sensor detects the increased tension in the micro-filaments and alerts you with vibration. It's fully washable, made from 95% cotton / 5% spandex blend and can be worn as an undershirt. A great solution while exercising, sitting in an office chair all day or just for overall good posture during everyday activities.

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PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt
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PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt
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PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt
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PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt
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PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt
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PostureTek - Proper Posture Vibrating Shirt
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