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LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer - Upright Exercise Bike with Interactive Boxing Punch Pad

LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer - Upright Exercise Bike with Interactive Boxing Punch Pad

LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer - Upright Exercise Bike with Interactive Boxing Punch Pad


This cool new LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer is an upright exercise bike with an interactive boxing punch pad that all work together to provide a high-intensity cardio, strength, and mental workout... that's actually fun to do. The upright bike features 16 levels of smooth cycling resistance through its magnetic eddy current system for an intense cardio workout that helps strengthen your legs and core muscles. The innovative punch pad provides 12 punch levels of randomized flashing colored targets to hit for an upper body strength and cardio workout that also challenges your focus and hand/eye coordination all while relieving pent up stress as you box away. It includes a free app, boxing gloves, and no subscription or membership fees. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer | Upright Exercise Bike with Cardio Boxing Workout
  • A fun, high-intensity cycling and boxing hybrid that offers a unique cardio workout from the comfort of your home
  • Home Fitness Machine for Weight Loss, Training, and Hand/Eye Coordination
  • With an interactive punch pad, you'll improve your memory and reaction time as you punch the targets and colors
  • Improve focus and coordination with randomized light targets
  • Flashing colored targets on the punch pad show you where to hit and you score points each time you correctly meet the target.
  • Provides both cardio and strength training
  • Smooth cycling resistance is achieved through a magnetic eddy current system that will challenge your legs and core muscles
  • Combines two of the best cardio workouts (cycling and boxing) to bring you a complete, high-intensity at-home workout
  • The more you pedal, the better your score gets - so you'll be motivated to push yourself harder every workout
  • Find your perfect workout with 16 resistance levels and 12 punch levels
  • Seat and punch pad adjust for different heights and body types
  • Interactive screen and phone app work together to track your workout stats
  • Fun and challenging programs to keep you engaged and help you burn fat
  • Free of subscription plans and membership fees, so you'll shed fat without shrinking your wallet
  • Welded, all-steel frame
  • Size: 43.6" L x 27" W x 63-74.5" H

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