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SolarFlex - Heated Exercise Mat

SolarFlex - Heated Exercise Mat

SolarFlex - Heated Exercise Mat

Before a vigorous workout, stretch and get your muscles ready on this cool new Heated Exercise Mat. This innovative foam exercise mat has undetectable built-in heating coils that emit and evenly distribute far infrared energy to warm up muscles and improve circulation while stretching before exercise. This waterproof dual-sided mat's temperature can be adjusted anywhere from 68° F to 140° F, can be set between 20 and 60 minute sessions, and has a slip-free ribbed design. Hmm, you can probably just take a cozy nap on it too like those care-free Kindergarten days.

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  • Exercise mat uses infrared heat therapy to warm up the body’s muscles while stretching before exercising
  • Mat emits and evenly distributes far infrared energy across its surface via undetectable heating coils
  • Provides penetrating warmth that improves circulation to ease muscle movements
  • Temperature adjusts from 68° F to 140° F
  • Dual-sided, ribbed design prevents sliding on floors and ensures a slip-free surface for exercising
  • Timer provides between 20- and 60-minute sessions
  • Interior foam padding provides a soft cushion
  • Waterproof exterior keeps the mat safe from spills and sweat
  • Powered via included 10'-long AC adapter
  • Includes exercise DVD and fits into included drawstring shoulder bag (when rolled)
  • Size: 63.75" L x 23.5" W x 0.5" D 5 lbs

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