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Use this form to alert us about cool new products (no KickStarter or Crowd-Funded stuff until it's actually for sale), are interested in advertising, or have a compliment or concern.

Warning!, Attention!, Achtung!, Atencion, Yo!

  • IS NOT a store, we do not carry these products, nor can we sell them directly to you.
  • If you have a problem, contact the merchant who sold it to you or the manufacturer who made it.
  • We do not have replacement manuals for 1986 microwaves or anything else.
  • We do not want to buy any wholesale lamps from China or anything else from anywhere.
  • We do not know of any alternate stores that may carry sold out or no longer produced items.
  • We do not know if completely random things can be shipped to Germany - (we get this one a lot).

These type of emails will be ignored and deleted, along with anything else we deem especially annoying, strange, or complete spam.

Thank You For Your Cooperation! :)

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