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Sit-To-Walkstation Treadmill Desk - Sit, Stand or Walk!

Sit-To-Walkstation Treadmill Desk - Sit, Stand or Walk!

Sit-To-Walkstation Treadmill Desk - Sit, Stand or Walk!

While you're sitting and staring at your computer all day, wouldn't it be nice to be able to actually stand up, stretch and keep working upright or take a leisurely stroll while still staying productive? The body simply isn't meant to sit all day in one still "ergonomic" position, it's meant to move. The revolutionary new Sit-To-Walkstation gives you the options to sit, stand or walk at the push of a button!

This innovative and paradigm-shifting office workstation is the first of its kind to combine an electric height-adjustable desk with a low speed commercial grade treadmill. At first it may seem like a traditional desk, because you can sit down at your chair and work away. However, when you've tired of sitting and want to stand, just push the button and the desk automatically rises up to the perfect standing height. When you want to get the blood flowing a bit and take a walk, simply transfer over to the built-in treadmill. This low speed commercial grade treadmill features a quiet, high torque motor lets you walk at speeds up to 2 mph with 0.1 mph speed adjustments. It's slow enough to let you concentrate on the work at hand or even talk on the phone, but fast enough to energize you, burn a few calories and keep you fit and healthy.

I love this desk! I don't know how many times I've complained that I want the option to stand up and work. Sitting all day is really painful and I actually think better standing up. A treadmill to keep my body moving is a really cool addition that I never even considered, but it makes total sense. If you're the boss, these type of desks not only keep your employees sharp and productive, they keep them healthy and that's good for the boottom line in every way!

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  • Sit, stand or walk at the push of a button
  • Bring healthy habits to sedentary workers while they are actually working
  • Burn calories and feel more energized
  • Electric height-adjustable worksurface
  • Room for a chair next to the treadmill
  • Low speed commercial grade treadmill - Quiet, high torque motor
  • Speed range: .3 mph - 2.0 mph with 0.1 mph speed adjustments
  • Soft System® surface with Neoprene shock absorbers
  • Digital display and touch pad controller
  • Size: 78" W x 67" D

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