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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector

Zone Dome Treadmill Projector

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Are you utterly bored running on a treadmill indoors and wishing you could be enjoying the sights of the great outdoors? Then simply place this cool new Zone Dome Treadmill Projector by Running Unlimited in front of your treadmill and enjoy running through some of the world's most exotic locales on its 38" hemispheric, concave monitor. This innovative dome-shaped monitor spans the width of a treadmill to create a realistic and immersive outdoor portal that automatically adjusts the speed of the movie to match your pace. Run, jog, or walk through California's Joshua Tree National Park, the Pacific coastline, a rustic lakefront village, or even through Area 51 - additional locations available. At $8000, it's definitely not inexpensive, but if you really want to add some exploration to your daily workout, look no further than straight ahead.

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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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Zone Dome Treadmill Projector
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