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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot

WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot

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We have robots vacuuming carpets. We have robots mopping floors. We have robots mowing the grass. We have robots cleaning windows. It's the 21st century, so why shouldn't we have little robots giving us massages as well? The cool new WheeMe is the world's first stress-relief and relaxation massage robot. Just place it on your back or stomach, switch it on, and let it roll around all by itself. It has advanced tilt sensor technology that lets it automatically navigate your body without falling off or losing its grip and three built-in settings for vibration, gentle pressure, or light tickling with an attachable finger tip thing that gently spins around. Is it funny and a bit bizarre? Absolutely, but a massage is a massage and robots don't complain, yet.

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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
Enjoy the ultimate head and scalp massage anytime, with patented air pressure technology, vibration, magnetic therapy, heat and music.
WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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WheeMe - Stress-Relief Massage Robot
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