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WeMo Insight - Home Automation and Energy Monitoring Switch

WeMo Insight - Home Automation and Energy Monitoring Switch

Forget to turn off the lights, curling iron, or heater? Wonder how much energy an appliance is wasting and costing you every month? Want to schedule devices to turn on or off at set times and even receive personalized notifications on your smartphone or tablet? Then check out this cool new Belkin WeMo Insight Switch. This innovative switch plugs into any standard power outlet and lets you easily control any device plugged into it remotely and even monitor its energy usage and cost from a free app on your smartphone or tablet. It quickly connects and operates over your existing home Wi-Fi network and/or mobile Internet, so it can be fully controlled at home or while away. Throw out those cheap impossible to set light timers and plug into the 21st century of smart home automation.


  • Remotely turn appliances and electronic devices on and off
  • Monitor and control energy usage and costs from anywhere
  • Identify energy wasters by finding out how much you spend per month on specific devices
  • Set schedules and receive customized notifications
  • Control using the free WeMo App on smartphone or tablet
  • Operates over your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile Internet, at home and away
  • Compatible with any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.0 and higher or iOS 6 and higher
  • Size: 1.5" x 2.9" x 2.9"

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