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Tranquility Pod

Tranquility Pod

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If you want to live like a supervillain, then you might as well sleep like one as well when you curl up inside this cool new Transport Perceptual Pod Bed from designer Alberto Frias. This luxurious ellipsoid-shaped tranquility pod is a multi-sensory immersive space that uses sound, vibration, light, and total comfort to free your mind, body, and soul from the hectic world outside it.

Inside the smooth fiberglass shell, which blocks most exterior noise from entering, is an octagonal, temperature-controlled waterbed with a memory foam cushion on top, a perimeter of 50 soothing color-changing LED lights, and a built-in sound system with a powerful subwoofer that generates gentle vibrations through the waterbed. Once you get comfortable you can also use the pod's biofeedback app to synchronize the ambient mood lighting with your heart beat for an extra bit of calming bliss.

It's the perfect spot to get away from it all, take a long, satisfying nap, reduce stress and anxiety, meditate, or just stare at your phone for hours on end without interruptions. The only downside for most though will be the hefty $35,000 price tag, but that's still quite affordable for a supervillain.

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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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Tranquility Pod
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