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Human-Sized Dog Bed

Human-Sized Dog Bed

Human-Sized Dog Bed

If you're tired of pampering your pets and would rather pamper your own stressed-out self instead, then prepare to fight your dog and cat off to be the one stretching out in cozy bliss on this cool new Human Dog Bed. Yep, this giant floor bed is shaped like a six foot long dog bed that can fit up to 2 humans or 1 unusually gigantic dog or cat. It features a raised rim for extra security and support, a non-slip cushioned bottom, and a carrying handle on the side. Great for napping, reading, relaxing, staring at your phone, or just dragging it out to the proverbial dog house for the night.

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  • Human-sized beanbag dog bed is made of luxurious faux fur with premium fibers
  • Raised rim around provides a sense of security and also excellent support for neck and head
  • Non-slip PVC dot fabric cushioned bottom
  • Carrying handle allows you to take it everywhere you need
  • Zippered fur cover is also removable and machine-washable
  • Size: 72" x 48" x 10"

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