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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray

Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray

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If you prefer ice cold water in your water bottle, but forgot to chill it first or found that big ice cubes don't really fit through the opening, then check out this cool new Water Bottle Ice Tray. This convenient silicone ice cube tray makes five 6 inch ice sticks that fit perfectly through the openings of most water bottles and soda bottles. It features a silicone wrapped steel frame that provides strength and rigidity when filling with water and transporting it to the freezer, a raised lip to keep the water in the tray, and a protective lid to keep ice fresh and allow for additional tray stacking. To make water bottle sized ice cubes even more exciting, you can chop up sticks of cucumber to freeze with water, infuse the ice with herbs and small fruits, freeze broths to prolong shelf life, or freeze juices, coffee, and other beverages to make festive frozen flavor sticks for cocktails, iced coffees and teas, and more.

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Party Ice Luge - Race Shots Down the Icy Slopes!
Fill with water, freeze, pop out the ice mold, flip it over onto the base, and pour shots down the icy tracks into shot glasses or mouths waiting at the base.
Extra Large 3D Skull Ice Cube Mold
This spooky silicone mold makes huge 3 x 2 inch skulls made of ice, chocolate, soap, candles, resin, and more.
Tovolo Perfect Cube - Silicone Ice Cube Trays
These silicone ice trays make perfectly square ice cubes every single time, eliminate ice shards and adds a touch of style to your favorite chilled drink
Ice Lite Cubes - Light Up Your Drinks!
Nothing brightens up a day better than a strong cocktail and light-up ice cubes. These waterproof Ice Lite Cubes light-up when you push the button on the bottom... More
GAMAGO Skull Ice Cube Mold
Silicone mold makes the perfect ice cube for chilling down your finest whiskey, a creepy crystal skull.
IceDrops Nuts and Bolts - Ceramic Whiskey Stones
Freezable and reusable ceramic ice cubes shaped like nuts and bolts that chill down your favorite drinks without diluting them.
Death Star Ice Sphere Mold
That's no ice cube, it's a cool new Death Star Ice Sphere! No carbon freezing necessary.
Disco Ball Ice Bucket
Make New Year's Eve, holiday parties, or just anytime you're enjoying the nightlife extra festive when you chill down drinks inside this Disco Ball Ice Bucket.
Super Chill Shrimp Tower - Serve Chilled Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce Without Ice
Serve up to 60 perfectly chilled jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce to your guests at your next gathering with this cool new Super Chill Shrimp Tower.

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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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Water Bottle Ice Stick Tray
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