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Lekue Ice Box - Makes, Stores, and Serves Ice Cubes

Lekue Ice Box - Makes, Stores, and Serves Ice Cubes

This cool new Lekue Ice Box makes, stores, and serves up unique shaped ice cubes that are created on the reversible side of the silicone lid. Just add water to the lid / ice mold, freeze, push out the pieces of ice into the container (hold up to 132 ice cubes), and then place the elegant container on the table so guests don't need to constantly go back and forth to the freezer for more ice. The container is also designed in a way that preserves coldness on the inside and prevents condensation from forming on the outside when left out of the freezer.


  • Make, store, and serve ice in this Ice Box
  • Freeze and store up to 132 ice cubes
  • Serve them at the table with an original and elegant presentation
  • Lid is made of silicone - reverse side ice mold creates unique shaped pieces of ice
  • Container made of ABS plastic and composed of a hollow base to preserve coldness and avoid the formation of condensation
  • Capacity: 60.9 Oz
  • Size: 8.9" x 4.9" x 4.6"

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