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Ice Jacket - Bottle Chiller

Ice Jacket - Bottle Chiller

The literally cool new Ice Jacket encases a bottle of your favorite booze in a thick layer of ice that chills it down to an ice cold 20 degrees F. Just insert a bottle of vodka or other favorite libation onto the base grip, slip on the water-tight sleeve, close the clips, fill with warm water, plug and freeze for 7-8 hours. Now just remove the sleeve and the base remains attached for comfortable pouring. The chilled liquor acts as insulation to keep the ice from melting too quickly and will last for a few hours with all drips safely contained in the drip tray. So don't just chill your vodka in the freezer, entomb it in a cool layer of ice as well!


  • Encase a bottle of your favorite vodka or other liquor in a dramatic layer of ice and chill the contents down to an arctic 20 degrees F
  • Use: place bottle on the base grip, slip on the sleeve, close the clips, fill with warm water, plug, and freeze for 7-8 hours
  • Water-tight seal allows your bottle to be placed in any position in the freezer, without worry about leaks
  • After you remove the sleeve, the base will remain attached to allow for comfortable pouring
  • Base rests in a tray designed to to catch drips
  • Ice melts slowly, at the rate of approximately one ounce per hour
  • Continuously chilled spirits can remain out of the freezer for a round or two or several hours
  • Will work with most standard-size liquor bottles
  • Size: 6.5" diameter x 12.25" H - 1.5 lbs

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