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Beer Bottle Stein Lid

Beer Bottle Stein Lid

Beer Bottle Stein Lid

No matter whether you're celebrating Oktoberfest with a cheap beer at home, surviving through a summer evening swarming with thirsty insects, or you just want to seem a bit more interesting at parties, then clip this cool new Beer Bottle Stein Lid to your favorite bottle of beer to transform it into a full blown German beer stein. This miniature pewter beer stein lid clamps onto most beer bottle necks and has a hinge to flip the lid open or closed with your thumb. Lederhosen and felt Alpine hat not included.

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  • Mini pewter beer stein lid with a sturdy metal clip that attaches to most beer bottles
  • Adjustable clamp fits most glass beer bottles
  • Keeps out thirsty insects
  • Fun conversation starter
  • Size: 2.5" T

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