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Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass

Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass

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If you enjoy your whisk(e)y on the rocks, then you'll love it even more on the mountain! This cool new Everest Whiskey Glass from Liiton is freezable whiskey glasses made from pure, lead-free crystalline that has a scaled down replica of the peak of Mount Everest, the tallest Mountain in the World, on the bottom. Just keep it in the freezer until ready, splash in a healthy pour of your favorite whisk(e)y, tequila, or vodka, and wait 18 seconds for your drink to be chilled without dilution. They come in a set of two glasses and make perfect gifts, especially for anyone who has survived climbing to the peak of Mount Everest. ⛰️🥃

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Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
These cool new, yet old world inspired tumblers are hand-hammered from double-layered stainless steel. A much more interesting vessel to drink a beverage from compared to boring, clear glassware.
Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
These innovative shot glasses have a unique bottom section for adding candies, fruits, jalapenos, and other taste-enhancing food-safe items to infuse your booze on top with extra flavor.
Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
If sipping a martini like a human being proves to be too difficult, you're a clumsy party mingler, or have gone one too many sheets to the wind, then you may need this spill-preventing martini glass.
Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
I love these Crinkle Coffee Cups! These white porcelain cups look like crunched up paper cups. Strangely enough, this is what my regular coffee mugs look like after too many trips back to the pot for a refill!
Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
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Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
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Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
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Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
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Freezable Mount Everest Whiskey Glass
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