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Maraca Cocktail Shakers

Maraca Cocktail Shakers

Maraca Cocktail Shakers

When you shake up a martini or other icy cocktail in one of these cool new Maraca Cocktail Shakers, you not only get to play the part of bartender, but musician as well. To use, just fill the bold red shaker end with ice and your favorite cocktail ingredients, connect the strainer end, attach the beechwood handle, and shake like a maraca. If you find you have a rhythmic talent at shaking up martinis, be sure to put out a tip jar as well. Check out the video below to see these musical cocktail shakers in action.

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  • This is absolutely the most musical way to mix martinis and other drinks
  • Elegant beechwood handle lets you shake to your heart's content
  • Bold red 250 ml shaker makes the music

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