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Cocktail Shaking Maracas

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Cocktail Shaking Maracas

At your next fiesta, provide a little entertaining music while mixing up a margarita or martini with these cool new Cocktail Shaking Maracas. These festive cocktail shakers are styled like the handheld Latin percussion instruments, maracas, and provide the same rhythmic rattling sound using ice instead of seeds and beans. Each maraca can shake up an 8 oz cocktail, have a built-in strainer, and unscrews at the handle to pour out the freshly mixed drink. Buy two, one for each hand, and really get a party rocking. Hilarious.


  • Margarita mixer evocative of the famous Latin percussion instrument
  • Ideal for musical mixologists
  • Maraca uses ice to create the rattling effect while providing a freshly mixed and chilled cocktail
  • Made from durable food grade polypropylene
  • Built-in ice strainer
  • Handle unscrews to pour out its contents
  • Size: 10" H x 3.5" Diameter - 9 oz

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