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Twistick Keychain Corkscrew

Twistick Keychain Corkscrew

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If you love beer, you may carry a bottle opener on your keychain and if you love wine, then you need to carry this cool new Twistick. This super tiny, yet fully functional corkscrew consists of a solid 4mm bar of 422 grade stainless steel with a ball bearing on the end that passes through the center of a full-size corkscrew helix. When it's time to pull a cork, just remove from your keychain, slide the rod through the corkscrew and you're ready to go. A handy tool for any wine enthusiast.

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Corona Lime Bomber - Squeezes Limes Into The Bottle
This genius device inserts taste-enhancing fruit wedges into your bottled drink in one swift and sanitary motion.
Alessi Splugen Beer Glass
These uniquely shaped crystal beer glasses are reissues of the original 1960s design for the Splugen Brau bar in Milan, Italy.
Sonic Foamer - Ultrasonic Beer Head Reviver
When your beer goes flat, simply place it on the platform, press the button, and watch as ultrasonic waves travel through the glass to excite the gases in the beer causing a brand new foamy head to appear. A clever device for the serious beer drinker who wants to enjoy the maximum taste, sip after sip, until it's time for the next round.
Norlan Double-Walled Whiskey Glasses
Double-walled drinking vessels that are specially designed to deliver the perfect whiskey drinking experience.
Bottle Tops Shot Glass Set
Set of four shot glasses made from the tops of recycled beer bottles and then flipped upside-down with the steel bottle cap acting as the base.
Teroforma Ekke - Soapstone Sake Carafe and Cups
Set includes a sake carafe and four cups handcrafted from naturally temperature regulating soapstone that can be chilled in the freezer before serving.
Barmaid Drink Rimmer
A simple way to salt the rim of margaritas, mojitos, daiquiris, martinis, cocktails and more with less mess and waste!
Absolut Elyx Copper Gnome Cocktail Drinking Vessel
This whimsical copper drinking vessel is shaped like a festive little gnome and includes a copper straw, an Absolut Elyx cocktail recipe booklet, and is presented in a gift box with stunning copper damask detailing.
Miller High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower
This ultra limited edition, fully functional leg lamp / beer tower is modeled after the Girl in the Moon logo's tall red boot and red-and-yellow stockings.

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Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
This handy little titanium rod stores on your keychain and features grooves cut every 1/8 inch up to 3 inches long for making quick measurements, comparing product sizes, and checking depths. In a pinch, it stirs too.
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
If you've never gotten the opportunity to spend the night and be brutally murdered in the Bates Motel from Psycho, the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, or in a rustic cabin at Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th, well you can at least pretend you survived your stay when you show off one of these cool new yet vintage-looking keychains from famous horror movie locations.
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
Keychain-sized touchless infrared thermometer for instantly taking surface temperatures in seconds
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
This cool new electronic keychain simulates the feeling of tearing open a shipping open perfectly, over and over again!
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
Never lose anything like your keys, cell phone, tools and more overboard again!
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
Simply squeeze the little pod of this Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy and one of three tiny soybeans pops out. Let go and they suck back in. Now endlessly repeat until you are calm, stress free, and smiling.
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
Rather than hunting down animals and mounting their trophy heads morbidly up on your wall, hunt down your lost keys instead and keep them securely on the wall where you can proudly find them again with these cool new Animal Head Key Holders.
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
These soft and stretchable monkey face covers go over most keys to make them easier to identify one from the other. These cute little primate key covers come in a set of six color-coded faces that each show a different emotion
Twistick Keychain Corkscrew
Just stretch these cool Polynesian idol heads over your keys to make them easier to identify.

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