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Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy

Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy

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I love snacking on edamame! They are basically baby soybeans still in the pod that pop out in a satisfying way when you squeeze them. They're kind of like a natural fidget toy that are a total blast to munch on. Well, now you can enjoy this calming edamame popping sensation anywhere you go with this cool new Edamame Popping Keychain. Simply squeeze the little pod and one of three tiny soybeans pops out. Let go and they suck back in. Now endlessly repeat until you are calm, stress free, and smiling. If that wasn't fun enough, the middle bean has 12 random faces to up the adorable cute factor to infinity. Sure, popping edamame beans with this crazy simulator may be addictive, stress-relieving fun, but it's still not as tasty as the real thing. Check out the video below to see it in action. So satisfying...

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Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy
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Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy
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Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy
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Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy
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Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy
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Edamame Popping Keychain / Fidget Toy
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