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Santa's Magic Key - No Chimney? No Problem!

Santa's Magic Key - No Chimney? No Problem!

Santa's Magic Key - No Chimney? No Problem!

There's finally an answer to the age old question, "How does Santa Claus get inside your home when there's no chimney?" He uses Santa's Magic Key of course! It's just like the magical red-tasseled golden key that unlocks Santa's Workshop at the North Pole, except this version is designed to be left next to the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve in homes without a traditional chimney. When Santa's sleigh gets close enough to your chimney-less home, the magic in the key will trigger Rudolph's red nose to blink wildly as an alert and allow Santa, and only Santa, to magically walk right through the front door to leave presents under the tree, rather than slide down a dirty, soot-filled fireplace chimney once again. Believe me, as the almighty, cool stuff-finding Green Head, I know Santa Claus quite well and he definitely prefers a clean suit and hopes everyone gets behind this cool new Christmas tradition. Next up from the North Pole Research and Development lab... a convenient toy shipping department to make the big night go even smoother!

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  • Santa's Magic Key tag and golden key
  • Children of all ages will delight to see that Santa knows how to deliver Christmas joy even if you don’t have a chimney
  • Start a new tradition with Santa's Magic Key or display this Christmas-red tasseled key ring as a convincingly authentic, North Pole treasure
  • Hang with ring or display tabletop
  • A magical story starter, great gift too
  • Materials: Polyester tassel with resin and metal elements
  • Size: 12" L

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