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Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight

Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight

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This cool new Bullet 02 claims to be the world's smallest LED flashlight that is tiny enough to fit on a keychain and bright enough to shine for over 1 mile. Looking like an actual bullet, this minuscule flashlight is constructed from water-resistant, impact-resistant, fireproof anodized aerograde aluminum with a gunmetal finish and illuminates with a shatterproof micro light LED. Perfect for keeping on a keychain anytime you need a little light like roadside at night, power outages, camping, fixing things, emergencies, and more and don't feel like hunting down a full-sized flashlight that is most likely missing.

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Sunforce 40 Million Candlepower HID Spotlight Lantern
This super-powered 40 million candlepower flashlight/spotlight can not only light up the night and your neighbor's house with its advanced high-intensity discharge (HID) 35 Watt bulb, it can even be used to jump start your car.
3,200 Lumens High Intensity Xenon Rechargeable Flashlight
Rechargeable lantern that produces 3,200 lumens from a high-intensity discharge (HID) Xenon lamp which allows it to illuminate objects up to a full mile away.
Midnight Oil - LED Oil Lamp
Rather than burning old-fashioned kerosene, this futuristic yet timelessly designed lamp illuminates from within its familiar glass chamber using state of the art, battery-powered LEDs that perfectly mimic the flickering flames of a real candlelight.
Mathmos Bump - Portable Color-Changing Lantern
In addition to it modern design, this water-resistant handheld lantern has a unique bump switch mechanism that lets you easily choose between 4 light settings.
Penlights - LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pens
Ballpoint pens with handy LED lighted tips for writing and reading in the dark.
USB Chargeable Mini Flashlight
A handy little LED flashlight that charges up via the USB port on your computer that's perfect for office blackouts, power outages while surfing or just for illuminating any other unexpected darkening moments.
Portable Outdoor Lantern / Torch Patio Light
A versatile and convenient outdoor light that can be hung vertically from your home, fence, or tree branch like a torch, carried like a portable lantern, or just rested upright on your patio table or in the table's umbrella hole for a little evening illumination.
Movo Tactical LED Flashlight With 1080p HD Video Recorder
A rugged, heavy-duty, law enforcement strength LED flashlight with a built in 1080p HD video recorder and video playback screen for illuminating and recording home, vehicle, machine, and boat inspections, documenting evidence, surveillance, law enforcement, security, and more.
Wind 'N Go Vers-a-Light - Weatherproof Hand-Crank Flashlight / Lantern
A weatherproof hand crank flashlight, lantern, and emergency beacon all-in-one with no need for batteries.

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Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
This handy little titanium rod stores on your keychain and features grooves cut every 1/8 inch up to 3 inches long for making quick measurements, comparing product sizes, and checking depths. In a pinch, it stirs too.
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
Just stretch these cool Polynesian idol heads over your keys to make them easier to identify.
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
This grade 5 titanium lateral split key ring has an exterior 10-sided decagon shape, a smooth, circular curved interior to let keys slide freely, and works with an easy to use push-pull motion rather than the traditional prying your fingernails off technique.
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
Super tiny, yet fully functional corkscrew for your keychain!
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
If you've never gotten the opportunity to spend the night and be brutally murdered in the Bates Motel from Psycho, the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, or in a rustic cabin at Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th, well you can at least pretend you survived your stay when you show off one of these cool new yet vintage-looking keychains from famous horror movie locations.
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
This unique keychain has 8 rubber buttons that look and feel exactly like the bubbles on bubble wrap. When you press a bubble, the keychain makes that ever-satisfying pop sound and every 100th pop is a random silly sound effect.
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
These soft and stretchable monkey face covers go over most keys to make them easier to identify one from the other. These cute little primate key covers come in a set of six color-coded faces that each show a different emotion
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
Keychain-sized touchless infrared thermometer for instantly taking surface temperatures in seconds
Bullet 02 - World's Smallest LED Flashlight
The key has finally become the keychain!

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