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Midnight Oil - LED Oil Lamp

Midnight Oil - LED Oil Lamp

Midnight Oil - LED Oil Lamp

Do you long for iconic things from the days of yore yet wish they could be re-imagined for the modern age? Then check out this cool new Midnight Oil - LED Oil Lamp from Mori London. Rather than burning old-fashioned kerosene, this futuristic yet timelessly designed lamp illuminates from within its familiar glass chamber using state of the art, battery-powered LEDs that perfectly mimic the flickering flames of a real candlelight. When it's time for a refill, just charge it up via micro USB. Hmm, you still might need an actual oil lamp during a power outage. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Endless flame animation is based on footage of a real candle flame
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Rechargeable battery charges up via Micro USB cable
  • Size: 3.9" Diameter x 9.4" Height

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