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VSSL Flask - Flashlight Designed To Hold Booze

VSSL Flask - Flashlight Designed To Hold Booze

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When you're out drinking on some grand adventure, don't let anyone know you're secretly concealing a handy flashlight too when you carry along this cool new VSSL Flask. This military spec aluminum survival flashlight discreetly holds up to 10 oz of your favorite booze in the cylinder and includes two collapsible shot glasses, a bottle opener, and even a compass to help you find / stumble your way home. It features an LED flood beam lantern light that can be set to a static or SOS pattern, has an inner bonded glass layer in the flask section to keep the alcohol inside safe, and has a screw on compass end cap. Perfect for camping, exploring the great outdoors, surviving through an apocalypse / power outage, or just anytime you need proper illumination and inebriation at the same time. Available in green or silver.

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