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TripleLite - 180 Degree Wide Beam LED Flashlight

TripleLite - 180 Degree Wide Beam LED Flashlight

TripleLite - 180 Degree Wide Beam LED Flashlight

Who knows what lurks somewhere out there in the darkness? Well, you will when you light up your entire path with this cool new TripleLite. Forget waving a standard flashlight back and forth to see around you, because this innovative wide beam flashlight has three powerful LED bulbs arranged in front to illuminate a 180 degree radius up to 125 feet away. Now you will not only see down your path, but all around it on the sides as well. It features 600 lumens of brightness, a rubberized water-resistant and drop-resistant case, and a grooved handle for a secure grip. Perfect for walking the dog at night, power outages, camping, exploring a scary sound you heard in the backyard, running through a cemetery after midnight as undead zombies dig out from their graves all around you, or just anytime that it's dark and you want to seriously light it back up. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Light your way with a sweeping 180 degree span of ultra-bright light like no other flashlight can
  • 3 powerful LED bulbs generate over 600 Lumens that travel a distance of 125 feet in a 180 degrees radius
  • Perfect for camping, power outages, walking the dog, or personal protection at night
  • Portable, lightweight, water-resistant, and drop-resistant
  • Rubberized water and break-resistant case
  • Grooved handle provides a comfortable and secure grip every time
  • Handheld light made of ABS Plastic and requires 3 AA batteries (included)

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