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Hellraiser Puzzle Box / Tissue Box Holder

Hellraiser Puzzle Box / Tissue Box Holder

Hellraiser Puzzle Box / Tissue Box Holder

Suffering from a terrible cold? Well, your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell when you pull a tissue from this cool new Hellraiser Puzzle Box / Tissue Box Holder! From Christmas Tree Ornaments to Lunch Boxes, the infamous puzzle box, the Lament Configuration, from the Hellraiser movies is quite the versatile demonic film prop and now it can be used to proudly display your tissues - no puzzle solving, chains with hooks, or eternal skinless sado-masochistic acts required. Now, if a Cenobite does happen to appear after you take a tissue from this handmade wooden puzzle box... unfortunately, they cannot return to Hell alone and they will most likely tear your soul apart.

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  • Handmade Hellraiser "Puzzle Box" tissue box
  • Made using a ink transfer technique that gives it a vintage sketchy imperfect finish
  • Edges of the box have been hand painted
  • Spray sealed for that finished wood look
  • Hide your love of horror movies in plain sight at your home or office
  • Slide draw on the bottom of the box so the box of tissues is contained within the box itself
  • Each puzzle box is individual and the sketchy imperfections vary on each one

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