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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica

They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica

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Are you ready to see the real truth? Well, you no longer need special sunglasses to expose what is really going on in the world like in John Carpenter's documentary, er, science fiction classic They Live, just grab a copy of this cool new yet quite 1988-inspired They Live OBEY Magazine. This highly realistic prop replica of the magazine Rowdy Roddy Piper AKA Nada was looking at through the sunglasses can now be yours to brainwash and control you anytime you wish. It features 20 pages of subliminal messages, is printed on heavy stock semi-gloss paper, and includes a special surprise. Sunglasses not included... or needed. Check out the video below to see the magazine in action. OBEY, BUY, CONSUME 😎

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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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They Live OBEY Magazine Prop Replica
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