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The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica

The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica

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Wanna sleep all day and party all night? Then just take a sip from this cool new yet quite 1980s, er, maybe much, much older than that-inspired The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica and you'll soon realize that it's fun to be a vampire. This officially licensed, full-sized prop replica of the ancient wine bottle filled with vampire blood that David (Kiefer Sutherland) gives to Michael (Jason Patric) to drink from during his initiation in The Lost Boys movie features distressed metal adornments, faux jewels, ornate settings, a weathered finish, and is limited to only 750 pieces. While it's not actually filled with real vampire blood (you will have to source that out for yourself), it can hold real red wine instead and pairs nicely with a tasty meal of maggot rice and worm noodles. Frog brothers and shirtless bodybuilder saxophone player not included. Check out the video below as a reference if you have yet to see this classic vampire flick.🍷🧛🏻‍♂️

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Captain Kirk Star Trek Bath Robe
Whether you're a starship Captain stepping out of your sonic shower in the 23rd century or a geek stepping out of a water-based one in the 21st, now you can wrap up afterwards in one of these cool new Star Trek Bath Robes.
Prohibition 6 Deck Boxed Set Playing Cards
When you flip open the burnished brass latch of the wooden box and lift up the lid of this cool new Prohibition 6 Deck Boxed Set, inside you'll find six sets of truly unique booze-inspired and 1920s Prohibition era-styled playing cards.
ALIEN Warrior Lifesize Statue
They say, in space no one can hear you scream, but they'll definitely hear you scream here on Earth when you bring a gigantic, life-sized ALIEN into your home.
The Dude's Sweater from The Big Lebowski
Perfect to wear while enjoying a White Russian, bowling, fighting with Nihilists, or just relaxing around your private residence, man.
HANSA Lifesize Animated Talking Reindeer
This giant handcrafted plush reindeer reproduction magically comes to life and begins to speak and sing songs through it's animated talking head. If you're 150 lbs or lighter, you can even hop on its back and sing along.
Funko Pop! Star Wars The Mandalorian: Grogu / Baby Yoda / The Child
Well, obviously Star Wars is all about the art of merchandising and now you can get your very own Grogu / Baby Yoda, who just happens to be 50 years old and not Yoda, just in time for the holiday season with this cool new yet from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Funko Pop!
Star Wars Death Star Chip and Dip Bowls
Whether you're snacking during a Star Wars movie marathon or just partying like crazy Ewoks, serve up your favorite snacks in this cool new Star Wars Death Star Chip and Dip Bowls.
Disney Pinocchio Lifesize Marionette
This is an authentic, limited edition replica of the original marionette used in the creation of Walt Disney's animated masterpiece Pinocchio. It is exactly 1:1 in scale to that 1st puppet and is made of wood and wood-like resin.
Death Star Rug
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The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
A reusable, flexible, and highly portable flask that holds an entire bottle of your favorite wine and folds up to save valuable space when empty. Perfect for camping, tailgating, sporting events, concerts, parties, hiking, boating, or anywhere you can get it into.
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
An innovative reusable straw designed to perfectly aerate red wine with every sip and can be flipped over and used as a normal straw for any other non-aerated beverage or cool coffee drink as well.
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
This wild west wine holder looks like an ordinary rope lasso, yet it magically rises up into the air to suspend a bottle of wine or whiskey.
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
A fun electric corkscrew that looks like a bowling pin sitting on your bar when not in use, but when it's time to open some bottles, it can yank a cork out in mere seconds with ease.
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
When you want to keep an opened bottle of wine fresh and kinda funny, plug it up with this cool new carrot bottle stopper.
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
Neoprene jacket for decanters chills wine in 5 minutes and keeps it cool and stylish for 3 hours!
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
Enjoy single-handed dining, drinking, and mingling with these reusable bamboo party plates with built-in wine glass holders and fork hanging notches.
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
An invertible, space-saving drinking vessel with a wine glass on one side and a martini glass on the other.
The Lost Boys Blood Wine Bottle Prop Replica
No matter whether it's Halloween, a goth dinner party, or just a local coven hosting a witchcraft book club, then serve up chilled bottles of wine in creepy style using this cool new Witch's Brew Ceramic Cauldron Wine Chiller.

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