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Mighty Wine Glasses - Won't Tip Over / Easy To Pick Up

Mighty Wine Glasses - Won't Tip Over / Easy To Pick Up

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Are you clumsy with a wine glass? Then check out these cool new Mighty Wine Glasses with SmartGrip Technology. These innovative wine glasses actually stick to a table or any flat surface and won't tip over, even when pushed, yet can easily be picked straight up like magic. It's not using suction cups or magnets, it's simply using a unique vacuum effect that engages when the glass is set down to prevent it from falling over. When raised straight up, the vacuum lock is released and you are now free to take a sip at your own risk AKA at this point you can now spill all over yourself. They're made from crystal clear 100% BPA-Free Tritan, are dishwasher and freezer safe, and come in a set of two, because spill-prone, tipsy wine lovers should never drink alone.

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