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Medieval Knight Helmet Decanter Set

Medieval Knight Helmet Decanter Set

Medieval Knight Helmet Decanter Set

While a complete suit of armor would be ideal in your home or castle's armory / wet bar, this cool new Medieval Knight Helmet Decanter Set is a bit more functional. Based on a 1960s design, this unique barware caddy looks like an all-metal medieval knight's helmet when the visor is down, but when you lift it up, it reveals a glass decanter and four shot glasses inside. Perfect for celebrating with strong booze after a victorious battle or perhaps just enjoying a *ahem* knight cap.

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  • All-metal medieval knight's helmet - once the visor is raised, the helmet reveals a beautiful glass carafe and four glass shot glasses
  • Based on a unique vintage design, which hasn’t been available since the mid-1960s
  • Your castle will come alive with the addition of this wondrous bar caddy
  • Interior has been enameled in red and has a soft, matching red flocking for the bottle to rest upon
  • Helmet comes complete with a glass bottle with cork along with four shot glasses
  • Perfect for your knight cap
  • Glass decanter holds 16 oz of your favorite beverage
  • 4 Shot glasses hold 1 oz. each
  • Size: 10" T x 9.5" L x 8" W

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