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Book Rest Night Light

Book Rest Night Light

Book Rest Night Light

This cool new Book Rest Night Light from designer Lee Sang Gin is a little house-shaped LED nightlight that illuminates a bedroom with the perfect amount of soft, warm reading light and then doubles as a clever book rest / bookmark when you're ready to turn in for the night. Yep, the opened book becomes the roof! A glowing, cozy place for your book to await your return. Perfect for anyone who needs a comforting nightlight after reading a scary horror novel, voracious readers who are afraid of the dark, or... hmm, roofers?

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  • Designer: Lee Sang Gin
  • House-shaped LED light emits the perfect soft glow for reading
  • Looks supremely stylish with or without a book on top
  • The next time you fancy a bit of light reading, make sure you don't lose your place with the Book Rest Lamp
  • White frosted exterior, the house-shaped LED lamp gives off a soft warm light
  • Doubles up as the perfect place to stow the book you're reading, just pop it on top and you've made a roof!
  • Ideal for adding a gentle glow to your bookshelves and just the right amount of light to read by

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