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Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box

Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box

Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box

This cool new Covobox 2.0 may look like a selection of real books from the front and top, but it's actually a camouflaged secret storage box designed to conceal whatever you wish right in plain sight on a bookshelf or just to hide unsightly routers, power cords, and more. These unique book boxes are handmade in the USA from real vintage books with the spines and tops left intact while the interiors are cut out and a wooden storage box is placed on the inside. Unless a burglar decides to read a book while robbing your house, they'll most likely look for valuables elsewhere. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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  • Real vintage books on one side, wooden storage box on other side with slide-in slide-out design (half box)
  • Covered Top! Tops of books are left intact making these real books appear perfectly normal
  • Great for hiding routers, cords, plugs, outlets, money, secret documents, jewelry, or to conceal other items
  • Each book is carefully selected, cut, and repurposed together with complementary books
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Multiple sizes and colors available

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