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Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box

Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box

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This cool new Covobox 2.0 may look like a selection of real books from the front and top, but it's actually a camouflaged secret storage box designed to conceal whatever you wish right in plain sight on a bookshelf or just to hide unsightly routers, power cords, and more. These unique book boxes are handmade in the USA from real vintage books with the spines and tops left intact while the interiors are cut out and a wooden storage box is placed on the inside. Unless a burglar decides to read a book while robbing your house, they'll most likely look for valuables elsewhere. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Covert - Magnetic Security Drawer Latch
A clever magnetic security latch that keeps drawers secured from young children or anyone who doesn't understand the principles of magnetism.
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Your family, friends and co-workers may seem like nice people, but we all know they can't be trusted around tasty unguarded grub. To curb their voracious thieving appetites, simply install one of these cool new Fridge Lockers in your refrigerator, freezer or pantry!
Noke - World's First Keyless Bluetooth Padlock
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Eufy Security Dual Camera Video Doorbell
This video doorbell uses dual cameras to show what's going on outside the door, from a person approaching all the way down to the ground - no more blindspots.
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SmartSwipe - USB Credit Card Reader
World's first truly secure home credit card reader!
Real Rock Key Holder
These stealthy key safes are made from genuine hand-selected softball-sized rocks that have been drilled out and sealed up with a removable rubber plug.
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These highly realistic fake rubber spikes are designed to deter vehicles from entering your driveway, yet are completely harmless to drive over for those that know the secret.

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Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
Sharpen all your red crayons and colored pencils because this fun coloring book is a 50 page bloodbath of hand-drawn horror illustrations of gory deaths by the hands of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies.
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
Inside you can discover hundreds of covert pop-cultural and historical curiosities, government cover-ups, marketing tricks and practical secrets.
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
I think the title of this twisted little storybook sums it all up perfectly.
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
These heavy duty bookends are made from chunks of authentic salvaged steel railroad rails that are close to a century old!
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
In the ALIEN movies, despite being so massive, disturbing, and generally terrifying to look at, the ALIEN xenomorph could sometimes hide right in plain sight...
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
A clock with an easy-to-read, paper-like e-ink display that tells the time through a matching classic literary quote for every single minute of the day.
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
This convenient digital kitchen scale is concealed inside a hardback cover so you can store it on a bookshelf next to your other cookbooks.
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
Bookends crafted from the reclaimed railroad tracks of the former elevated High Line railway in New York City that has now been transformed into a cool elevated park, walkway, and garden.
Covobox 2.0 - Hidden Storage Book Box
A giant magnifying glass in the shape of a half-sphere crystal ball.

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