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Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!

Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!

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You hear me, baby? Hold together! - Han Solo to the Millennium Falcon

If you love Star Wars, LEGOs, and have an incredible amount of time on your hands (or just need to really de-stress), then behold the LEGO Ultimate Collector's Series Millennium Falcon. This massive LEGO model of the Millennium Falcon consists of 7,541 individual pieces, making it one of the biggest LEGO sets ever created. It features intricate details inside and out, removable hull panels to access interior compartments, a removable canopy over the cockpit, two crews of minifigures and interchangeable sensor dishes to recreate either th original or sequel trilogies, and the hyperdrive doesn't work on this one either. The only thing it doesn't come with is the sheer amount of space you're going to need to proudly display it... or just crash it into the ground like you did as a kid.

Pairs nicely with the equally gigantic LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer or Lifesize LEGO Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite!

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Rattlesnake Jake Game - Get the Gold Before He Strikes!
If you're afraid of snakes, dreadful suspense, and unexpected jump scares, you're going to have a fun yet quite terrifying time playing this cool new Rattlesnake Jake game from Goliath.
Massive 20 Foot Tall Inflatable Soccer Dartboard
A massive 20 foot tall inflatable dartboard for your backyard that lets players take turns aiming and kicking soccer balls that stick to the board just like scoring a regular game of darts.
Wash n' Roar Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Shower Head
While not quite as large as an actual T-Rex skull, this miniature plastic replica is designed to fit on standard shower pipes and has 9 jets inside its monstrous jaws to create a refreshing spray of dino spit.
Squawkers McCaw FurReal Interactive Parrot
This cool full-sized interactive toy parrot who, just like a real parrot, repeats words, can be taught to speak, responds to touch, makes sassy sounds and even dances.
Silver Shamrock Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Witch Board
This spooky glow-in-the-dark spirit board looks like it came directly from the original Silver Shamrock Novelties warehouse in Santa Mira, CA.
R2-D2 Bubble Generator
Astromech droids from a galaxy far, far away are obviously very versatile robotic multi-tools, but did you know that they also blow bubbles? Perfect for keeping Wookiees entertained.
Carved Wood Indoor Swing
Forget the usual chairs, sofas, beanbags, and, if you're lucky, hammocks for lounging around your home, because wouldn't it be way more fun to sit on a swinging seat?
Vintage Arcade Skeeball
Sick of all the endless apps? Take a big step back into the past and challenge your actual skills using this cool new, er, totally retro Vintage Arcade Skeeball Game.
Junk Food Puzzle
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Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
Whether you're a starship Captain stepping out of your sonic shower in the 23rd century or a geek stepping out of a water-based one in the 21st, now you can wrap up afterwards in one of these cool new Star Trek Bath Robes.
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
This modernist, nostalgic pop culture wall decor showcases a historical timeline of ancient Nintendo video game controllers all arranged in chronological order behind glass: Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, N64, GameCube, and the Wii.
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
While it may not be as strong and well protected as a coffee table constructed from exotic frozen materials only found in a galaxy far, far away, it makes up for it with everyone's favorite smuggler encased in a block faux Carbonite below a large glass tabletop
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
This spooky popcorn bucket is shaped like the Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters, is LED-illuminated, and can hold up to 130oz of popcorn instead of actual ghosts.
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
Well, obviously Star Wars is all about the art of merchandising and now you can get your very own Grogu / Baby Yoda, who just happens to be 50 years old and not Yoda, just in time for the holiday season with this cool new yet from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Funko Pop!
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
This massive life-sized, animatronic replica of Robby the Robot from the 1956 science fiction classic, Forbidden Planet, can now be yours to command.
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
Show your support for the glorious Empire with this fully operational yet non-walking carpeted version of the infamous Death Star.
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
If you feel like the God of Thunder while sitting on your bathroom throne, try to wield Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir in the air or just grab a few sheets of TP.
Massive LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 7,541 Pieces!
This massive teenage hound from Hell comes outfitted in a stylish letterman jacket, blue jeans, and penny loafers and is realistically based off of Rick Baker's incredible make-up effects from the video.

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