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Remote Control Shark

Remote Control Shark

Remote Control Shark

If you're afraid to go into the water at the beach because of hungry sharks lurking in the water, then forget going into the swimming pool, lake, pond, or even the bathtub when this cool new Remote Control Shark gets unleashed. This 1:18 scale remote controlled shark toy realistically swims and moves around in the water just like the real thing, minus all the typical biting, screaming, splashing, and red in the water. It features a 2.4 GHz remote control that gives you full control and variable speeds up to 40 meters away, a rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 mins of swim time, a diving light for night swims, and balanced double propellers to provide smooth movement without overturning. It's also perfect for pranks or just clearing out a crowded pool all for yourself. It also pairs nicely with the equally cool Remote Control Alligator Head.

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  • Remote Control Shark Toy
  • 2.4GHz RC system to enable provides forward, backward, left, and right controls
  • Variable speeds and auto mode control
  • 100 ft to 160 ft wireless distance
  • Rechargeable - includes USB charging cable
  • Shark swim 20 mins with a fully charged battery - 30 minute recharge
  • Streamlined figure with flexible mechanical tail joints, double paddles design and each configured with a motor, and strict sealing technology
  • ABS plastic tail, which can swing flexibly just like the real fish
  • Balanced double propeller, makes it move smoothly and without fear of overturning
  • Diving Light
  • Rugged waterproof ABS Material

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