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Alien Air RC Jump Jet

Alien Air RC Jump Jet

Alien Air RC Jump Jet

I had a pair of those cool PicooZ RC Mini Helicopters and as soon a I finally figured out how to pilot them, they were savagely swiped out of the sky by an evil feline. The next time I attempt to buzz a sleeping cat with a miniature flying craft, I plan to go bigger, faster and in stealth with the cool new Alien Air RC Jump Jet.

This ready to fly miniature jump jet is inspired by the famous vertical takeoff Harrier Jets. It can take off, hover and land like a helicopter and fly around like a jet using four gyroscopically balanced rotors for precision omni-directional flying. It should stay aloft for around 8-10 minutes or so before the built-in rechargeable batteries need a refueling.

Check out the collection of videos below to the RC Jump Jet in action. Looks like fun huh?

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  • RTF - Ready to fly
  • VTOL - Vertical Take Off and Landing
  • Takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane
  • 4 gyroscopically balanced rotors for precision flying
  • Impressive VTOL flight performance
  • Omni-Directional (fwd, rev, up, down, left, right & rotates 360°)
  • Suitable for indoor flying
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Dimension: 13.19 x 12.79 x 1.97 inches

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