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Bang! Lamp - Shoot Out the Lights

Bang! Lamp - Shoot Out the Lights

A lamp with a remote control is nice, but a lamp with gun-shaped remote control that not only turns it off but knocks the lampshade to the side like you're in an old-fashioned arcade shooting gallery is awesome! The cool new Bang! Lamp from designer Bitplay lets you literally shoot out the lights from up to 50 feet. To turn on, just aim and fire and the lampshade rises up slowly, fire again and the lampshade gets knocked back and turns off. You feeling lucky lamp?


  • Designer: Bitplay
  • Desk lamp with a gun-shaped remote control
  • Fire the gun, the light goes out and the lampshade knocks to the side
  • Shoot it again, and the lampshade rises up slowly and the light back turns back on
  • The scope of the remote control to about 50 feet
  • On-off switch located on power cord
  • Size: 18.5" Diamter x 11.8" H

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