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Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings

Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings

Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings

Diamonds may sparkle, but when you want to truly shine, put on these cool new Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings. In the 21st century, these unique earrings can now illuminate in white, red, or blue with the power of mini battery packs and super bright LEDs. Of course, there's an On or OFF mode, but wouldn't you rather light up the night? They also pair nicely with the cool glowing outfits from TRON, should you happen to get sucked into the gaming grid.

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  • LED crystal earrings let you light up the night
  • Colors available: Blue, White, or Red illumination
  • Off Mode: Wear the rubber backs
  • On Mode: Wear the battery backs
  • Two sets of battery backs included
  • Battery backs are encased in plastic to keep the batteries from touching your skin

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