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Brightz - LED Cooler Lights

Brightz - LED Cooler Lights

Brightz - LED Cooler Lights

At your next outdoor evening gathering, don't make your guests dig through a cooler full of ice in the darkness searching for a drink, illuminate it from within with these cool new Cooler Brightz. This five foot long string of 30 waterproof micro LEDs gets mixed in with the ice in a cooler or an ice bucket to make it brightly glow for up to 24 hours. Just slip the lights into a cooler, attach the battery pack somewhere on the outside, and enjoy the light show every time you open the cooler for another round. Available in six colors: Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, and White.

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  • Keep the inside of your cooler lit, and you won't have to dig blindly for a drink
  • One 5 foot string of 30 micro LEDs with battery pack
  • 6 colors - Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, and White
  • 24 hours+ of glow
  • Lights slip easily into any cooler
  • Mix the lights with the ice or leave them on top
  • Battery pack attaches to the outside of the cooler
  • Lights are waterproof, but the battery pack is not, so be sure it's mounted on the OUTSIDE
  • Reusable
  • Perfect for nighttime deck parties, pool parties, camping outings, or trips to the beach

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