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Balloon Lamps

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Balloon Lamps

Helium balloons are fun and all, but their magic is only short-lived, before they slowly descend into a corner of your home, shrivel up and die. Well, with these cool new Balloon Lamps you can permanently enjoy an escaped helium balloon up on the ceiling and it even glows. These fun illuminated balloons are made from translucent satinized polyethylene, come in ceiling or wall sconce versions and have dangling string pull switches. They're perfect for lighting up children's rooms or anywhere clowns dwell.


  • Designed by Crouscalogero for Estiluz
  • Translucent satinized polyethylene
  • Red string pull switch
  • 1 fluorescent bulb 20W E27 not included
  • Versions: wall or ceiling mount

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