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The Balloon Lamp - A Modern Japanese Lamp

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The Balloon Lamp - A Modern Japanese Lamp

The Balloon Lamp is a new modern day version of the paper lantern. I know, I know, paper lanterns are still very cool, but designer Kouichi Okamoto has replaced the candle with a high intensity LED bulb and the paper lantern with a rubber balloon. Not only does the bright LED generate no heat which makes it much safer than paper surrounding fire, it can also last around a hundred hours on the two provided batteries. The Balloon Lamps are wireless and portable so they can be hung up all around your home or yard and if you purchased thousands of them, you could have one incredibly illuminated balloon drop on New Year's Eve!


  • Uses a long-life LED for high intensity light
  • Portable and temporary light source
  • About 100 hours of battery life
  • Uses lithium-coin batteries (included)
  • Generates no heat
  • Designed by Kouichi Okamoto

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