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Shine + Dine - Portable LED Menu Lamp

Shine + Dine - Portable LED Menu Lamp

Shine + Dine - Portable LED Menu Lamp

When you have trouble reading in low light situations, forget whipping out your phone's flashlight app and pull out this much more sophisticated Shine + Dine instead. This miniature LED table lamp is small enough to carry in your purse or pocket and is perfect for illuminating a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, placing on the table for a little romantic ambiance, lighting up a keyhole in the dark, holding in the air at a concert, surviving through a power outage / apocalypse, or just give it to your kid to play with in their dollhouse.

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  • Struggling to read the menu in that dimly-lit restaurant?
  • Adorable miniature table lamp that lights up your personal space
  • Doubles as a little lamp for a romantic dinner
  • Use as a lamp in a doll house
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse
  • It offers a little light, right where you need it
  • A fun gift for your friends and family who have difficulty reading in low-light situations
  • Equipped with 3 replaceable button-cell batteries

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