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LOOP Table Lamp

LOOP Table Lamp

LOOP Table Lamp

Put your hands up! While it may seem like a miniature loop-the-loop rollercoaster track at first glance, prepare to be thrown for a loop when this cool new LOOP is switched on and reveals itself as a table lamp. This modern table lamp is made in Finland from aluminum and has warm white LED lighting in the upper inside surface of the loop. Okay, now you can put your hands down.

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  • Loop Lamp entertains and illuminates
  • Warm white LED light source in the upper inside surface
  • Color of the light is warm white 3000K
  • Controlled by a touch dimmer.
  • Material: Aluminum, opal acrylic
  • Textile cord and a wall mounted adapter
  • Made in Finland
  • Size: 18" T x 18" W x 4" D

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