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Butterfly Garden Mirror

Butterfly Garden Mirror

Butterfly Garden Mirror

This cool new Butterfly Garden Mirror makes it seem like a portal has opened in your backyard surrounded by a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Yeah, that's what you call a group of butterflies. Anyways, while it may seem like a magical looking glass illusion, it's actually an antiqued sculptural outdoor mirror surrounded by shimmering metallic brown butterflies. Each pieces is handcrafted by artisans from durable steel with a hand-applied rust oxide finish for a naturally weathered appearance and finished with polyurethane for protection. No matter whether you hang it on a patio wall or backyard fence or even inside your home, it's sure to induce quite a few double takes.

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  • As if a rush of butterflies aligned around a looking glass
  • A handcrafted original, made by master artisans
  • In the sun, the monarchs shimmer in shades of metallic brown
  • Constructed from durable steel with rust oxide finish
  • Inset with an antiqued mirror
  • Naturally weathered for rich tones of brown, rust and auburn
  • Finished with a polyurethane top coat for protection
  • Stainless steel hardware and wall anchors included
  • Display on the wall of a patio, deck or fence for earthly inspiration
  • Size: 35" L x 34" W x 3.5" D - 15 lbs

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