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Paris Window View Tapestry

Paris Window View Tapestry

Paris Window View Tapestry

Want to experience a brief glimmer of Paris minus the great food and wine, the romance, the monuments, and needing to endlessly to ask, "Parlez-vous Anglais?". Then simply hang up this cool new Paris Window View Tapestry on the wall or over a window with a less preferable view. This unique woven cotton tapestry has a spectacular Parisian view of the Eiffel Tower and can be hung from a wall or draped over a bed, couch, or chair. Hmm, the only downside is that the scene in the tapestry seems to depict looking into a building from the outside where the city of Paris seems to be on the inside. Au revoir! ... or something.



  • Woven cotton tapestry finished with a pretty Parisian view
  • Perfect for topping your bed, couch, wall or favorite chair
  • Doubles as a beach or picnic blanket, too
  • Care: Machine wash
  • Size: 84" L x 100" H

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