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World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!

World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!

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Do you have a LOT of time, a LOT of wall space, and consider yourself to be a pretty good wordsmith who loves crossword puzzles? Then I have the perfect thing for you. This cool new World's Largest Crossword Puzzle is a massive 7 ft x 7 ft crossword puzzle with 28,000 clues, 91,000 squares, and you can hang it up on the wall like artwork, because it's going to be awhile before you ever finish it... if you ever finish it. It also includes a 104 page clue book and a storage box just in case you ever give up. It also makes the perfect gift. Good luck!

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World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
This unique modular trellis system consists of three different sections that can be arranged any way you wish on walls, around windows, over doors, and more. Multiple sets can also be combined for larger spaces.
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
Rustic wall-mounted sculptural tree branch rack can hold jackets and hats or be decorated for the holidays with lighting, greenery, and ornaments.
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
This unique decorative planter hangs plants, flowers, and herbs vertically on the wall inside a rustic, weathered-gray wine crate made from reclaimed wood.
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
Sure you can hang up pictures of family and friends or great works of art on your wall, but these cool new Giant Bacon Strips will be all anyone ever notices.
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
Add some perplexing sculptural wall art to a room that doubles as a puzzling wall game with this cool new Labyrinth wall decor.
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
This terrifying bust of a Terror Dog from Ghostbusters is molded directly from the screen-used puppet, has eerie glowing red eyes, and includes two sets of horns to depict either Vinz Clortho the Keymaster or Zuul the Gatekeeper... Hmm, hopefully it never cracks open and reveals the head of either Louis Tully or Dana Barrett inside!
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
Transform any boring old wall into a soaring flight through the clouds, while also giving the room an extra sense of epic three-dimensional depth with this removable high definition wallpaper photo.
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
Limited space? This compact pine tree has a flat-back design for conveniently hanging up on the wall and is pre-strung with 200 clear or multi-color lights.
World's Largest Crossword Puzzle - 28,000 Clues!
A water-resistant canvas art print of a palm tree swaying in the ocean breeze that can be hung up outdoors on the wall of your patio or deck.

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